What You Need To Find Bar Work In New York City

When it comes to New York City, there are a few things everyone wants to do. Everyone intends to go to New York City to be an actor, a singer, a songwriter, or some other amazing and creative profession. What many people don’t think about (except for those who already want to do it) is being a bartender!

Of course, finding bar work in New York City isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There may be a lot of bars in New York City, but there’s also a lot of people. So any work, let alone bar work, is tough to find. How can you ensure you can find bar work when others can’t?

The first step is to understand what most bars are looking for. Yes, being able to mix drinks is important, and a person who can mix drinks well is already a step up. However, the truth is that most bars are perfectly happy to train a person to make drinks. So being able to make drinks may give you a step up over some other people, but it’s not the thing that’s going to get you work.

Instead, try to make sure you have a solid history of money-handling jobs. Bars will often see massive amounts of money, and an unscrupulous bartender can easily slide some of it into their pocket. The other good idea is not to get your heart set on a fancy Times Square bar. Make sure to look at smaller, less popular bars. You’re more likely to find a job there than in some of the bigger, more popular bars. A bartending course can be very helpful to get the job.

Ultimately, bar work in NYC is not much different from bar work anywhere else. Be good at people skills, be quick on your feet, and be honest. Everything else you can pick up while on the job.