Things to Do in New York City

New York City is a large place that is brimming with things to do. This can make it pretty overwhelming if you are trying to find a way to have fun and enjoy your time there. If you want to do something other than the typical tourist activities, here are a few things you should consider.

Those who are passionate foodies should listen up. Chinatown in New York is one of the largest in the country. If you want to boost your excitement quotient, you should forgo all of those fancy Asian restaurants you heard about on TV and head there. In this part of the city, you will find culinary delights that are delicious beyond your wildest imagination. Keep in mind that this will only be fun if you are more into food than ambiance.

Another thing to try would be heading to the Bronx to do some shopping or sightseeing. Unfortunately, this borough gets a bad rap when it comes to tourists. Everyone is under the false impression that people in this area have nothing else to do besides starting trouble with those who are not from there. The reality is that the largest zoo in the country is located there, so give it a try.

Brooklyn is filled with pottery places that allow people to come in and let their creativity flow. You can mold clay into something great and personalize it in any way you like. Instead of sitting around watching Ghost and wishing you could try it, take a leap and do it for real.

Looking at the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building could be fun, but those are typical activities for those headed to New York. If you are looking to have a different kind of fun, you should try something a little out of the box.…